Quick Connect Plug on Group 31 formation connectors are designed for speedy connect/disconnect of male screw threaded battery terminals, saving valuable assembly time, increasing the capacity of your equipment.

Manufactured from electrically conductive materials allowing for low resistance connections.  Integral Insulations shrouds seal the terminal to post connection to prevent ingress of acid vapors which can damage the internals of the connector.

Especially designed for US Group 31 battery design 3/8” male stud terminals and is also available 5/16” version.


Cables sizes 10mm2 – 16mm2 (approx AWG # 7 – 5)

Current carrying recommendations for use:

Customer tests approve these connectors at 50 amps

Connectors come with terminal protected by Wurth Battery Terminal

Protector – Regular applications extends life expectancy

Important – Terminals should be dry and free from acid before connecting otherwise damage to the internals of the connector and contact spring will occur.